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Hassan Ayariga endorsed as APC flagbearer for 2024 elections

Dr Hassan Ayariga, Founder of the All People’s Party (APC), has been endorsed as the party’s presidential candidate for the December 2024 general elections.

Mr Ayariga, who was the sole candidate, was confirmed at the party’s national conference, which was held in Kumasi, and attended by delegates from all the 275 constituencies in the country.

The conference also saw the election of new executives for the party and the adoption of reforms for the party.

Speaking after his confirmation, Mr Ayariga stressed the need for change in the country’s leadership.

He said Ghana was now in an economic mess and there was a need for change.

Mr Ayariga said he was the better hope for Ghanaians.

‘Ghana is lost and I, Hassan Ayariga feel your pain and frustration.

I guarantee hope, decisive leadership, an excellent team, and incorruptible leadership.

I believe in you and trust that you will follow me to unearth the potential of every Ghanaian.

The APC and Hassan Ayariga are the third force you have been yearning for

Change is key to new life, let make that change come December 07, 2024.

The third force can only happen if you come out of your comfort zone and change your voting patterns.

It would not happen by making wishes without action,’ he told the delegates.

Mr Ayariga praised the delegates for their unwavering efforts in positioning the party firmly on the ground and ensuring peaceful conduct in the elections of the flagbearer and the party executives.

He pledged to work together with all the rank and files of the party to help garner support and win the 2024 elections.

‘Coming from a humble beginning, I understand well the immense responsibilities that go with the intimidating groups of highly intelligent, selfless, hardworking, and visionary party members.

I will not let you down in the administration and governance of the party and, in our national life,’ he stated.

Source: Ghana News Agency