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Heritage Month: We are mending cracks in our cultural foundation – Commission on Culture

The National Commission on Culture (NCC) says the focus on this year’s Heritage Month is to mend the cracks in the cultural foundation for future generations.

Nana Otuo Owoahene Acheampong, Executive Director for the Commission, said the agenda had shifted from a lip service to action-based initiatives where series of cultural events to celebrate the heritage and awaken the cultural spirit of the country had been scheduled.

He said this when the Ghana Culture Forum launched the 12th edition of Ghana Culture Week, a commemoration of activities scheduled to take place from March 4 to 24.

The Culture Week is part of the activities to celebrate Ghana Heritage Month under the theme: ‘Cultivating Cultural Capital: Nurturing Ghana’s Legacy for Africa’s Renaissance’.

During a press briefing after the launch, the Executive Director said cultivating Ghana’s cultural capital underscored the strategic and business-oriented approach to leveraging Ghana’s rich cultural heritage for the benefit of its people and the bro
ader African Renaissance.

He said the theme signified commitment to transformative actions that would strengthen and preserve the cultural foundation, ensuring its vitality for generations to come.

Events scheduled to mark the Heritage Month under the Ghana Week include a media campaign, a fashion dialogue on Ghana’s textile print, Kente, tradition, and modernity and an interschool debate.

Other activities are a symposium on Ghana Culture Day, a presentation of Africa Fashion, film screenings and dialogue and a post-celebration media engagement.

Ghana Culture Week is a flagship event of the Ghana Culture Forum. It is to commemorate Ghanaian culture and its place in national development.

It was launched in 2012 and observed every year with activities such as symposium on relevant themes, artistic emporium works, and Ghanaian cultural expressions.

Source: Ghana News Agency