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Identification, Delivery and Empowerment Application (IDEA): An FAO ecosystem of applications to power livelihoods and agricultural assistance in food crisis contexts

To effectively deliver emergency and resilience assistance, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) requires innovative and efficient tools.


To ensure the protection and secure management of beneficiary data, and delivery and tracking of assistance, FAO developed Identification, Delivery and Empowerment Application (IDEA), a digital ecosystem of applications. IDEA facilitates secure beneficiary registration, identity verification at the point of distribution, entitlements delivery and tracking, data reporting and visualization. IDEA builds on more than 10 years of development and implementation in Somalia to support the secured delivery of FAO’s large-scale and diverse portfolio in a complex operating environment.


5 main functions


beneficiary data registration and verification;

entitlements delivery and tracking;

reporting and visualization;

two-way communication with beneficiaries; and


Key features


  • Built-in data protection and security measures that ensure the privacy of beneficiaries and the protection of their personal data.


  • Flexible system that can be tailored to diverse needs and contexts of FAO country operations.


  • Capability to support the delivery of multiple modalities of assistance: agricultural inputs, assets and equipment (whether through in-kind provision or electronic vouchers), cash-based interventions, service provision, early warning systems and training.


  • All data secured by advanced password protection and end-to-end encryption. IDEA has a built-in granular level of user permissions, ensuring secure processing and data protection principles are used to safeguard the identities of the people served by FAO and its partners.


Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations