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Internet disruptions: Let’s know if you’re charged wrongly- Shippers’ Authority to Shippers

The Ghana Shippers’ Authority (GSA) has asked shippers to alert the Authority should they be assessed charges stemming from the Internet service disruption or any other delays not occasioned by them.

The Authority said it had engaged terminal operators and other shipping service providers to ensure that Shippers were not charged for delays in the cargo arrival and clearing process not occasioned by the shipper, and asked players in the sector to reach out to the Authority for redress where necessary.

It said Internet service disruptions were already inflicting negative financial consequences on the shipping/clearing activities of the shipper, needing the concerted efforts of all stakeholders.

‘Considering that most processing done via the shipping value chain is digitised, the Ghana Shippers’ Authority is not oblivious to the effect of high storage (rent) and demurrage charges that may result from the delays occasioned by the disruption,’ Mr Kwesi Baffour Sarpong, Chief Executive Officer, GSA, said in a ne
ws brief, urging shippers to contact the Authority when necessary.

Source: Ghana News Agency