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IWD: Gender bias, others preventing women’s participation in construction sector

Women in Construction Industry Services, a wing of the Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry (GhCCI), says gender bias, discrimination, and other limitations are preventing women from participating fully in the construction sector.

In a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) and signed by Joan Adjei, Chairperson for the Wing, it said a recent report indicated that 3 per cent of workers employed in the construction sector were women.

The statement said challenges, including gender bias, lack of representation, limited access to opportunities, and balancing work and family were preventing women from fully participating in the industry.

‘Lack of representation of women and underrepresentation in leadership and decision-making positions limit their ability to influence industry policies and practices,’ the statement said.

‘Women most often face barriers to accessing training, education, and career advancement opportunities in construction-related fields. Balancing work and family responsibilities c
an be challenging for women in the construction industry, particularly in demanding and male-dominated work environments,” it added.

The statement said interventions such as implementing gender-sensitive policies, providing training and mentorship, encouraging diversity and inclusion, raising awareness, and celebrating success stories can address some of the challenges preventing women from participating in the industry.

It said the adoption of policies that promoted gender equality, such as prompt and equal pay for equal work, flexible working arrangements, and zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment could help reverse the trend.

In addition, offering training programmes, mentorship initiatives, and professional development opportunities to support women’s career advancement and skills development in the construction sector would be key to addressing the challenges.

There is also the need to create a culture of diversity and inclusion and increase awareness about the importance of women’s parti
cipation in the construction industry through advocacy campaigns, educational initiatives, and industry partnerships.

The statement stressed the need to highlight the achievements and contributions of women in construction, serving as role models, and inspiring future generations of women to pursue careers in the sector.

The statement said that by taking these actions, the construction sector would be a more equitable, diverse, inclusive, and vibrant construction industry that harnesses the full potential of all its talent, irrespective of gender.

Source: Ghana News Agency