– The governor of the Central Plateau region has toured the province of Kourwéogo. This outing allowed Sy Assetou Barry / Traoré to meet with local opinion leaders on the security crisis but also on issues of socio-economic development in the province.

After Zorgho, it is Boussé’s turn to welcome the governor of the central plateau region. A contact in the form of an awareness tour aimed, according to the first official of the region, to ring the mobilization of the communities for the fight against insecurity.

It is time more than ever, she said, to strengthen the union between the daughters and sons of Burkina Faso, to stick together in order to emerge victorious from this war “which is imposed on us”.

The first stage of his visit was marked by the rise of colors at the town hall of Boussé. On this occasion, the governor returned to the meaning and importance of this ritual.

According to her, the raising and lowering of the national flag in the administrations are privileged moments for the Burkinabè citizen to show his attachment to his nation.

“A moment during which he rethinks his commitment to respect the laws and societal values, but also his responsibility in defending the integrity and dignity of his country. It is above all a moment of contemplation in memory of all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the struggles for the triumph of our dignity,” she added.

During the exchanges with the living forces of the province, Sy Assétou Barry / Traoré returned to the need to strengthen cohesion and solidarity, not only towards the fighting forces but also towards the people affected by the crisis. safe.

To this end, the governor appealed to the children of Kourwéogo to come to an agreement. “The situation that our nation is experiencing demands that we silence all differences to stand together against the enemy who threatens our existence as a nation,” she urged.

She also invited the population to be vigilant, to distance themselves from any behavior or acts that could harm the action of the fighting forces, or likely to facilitate the advance of the enemy.

Opinion leaders in Kourwéogo province pledge to support the authorities.

The governor praised the efforts already made by the various actors in the province to come to the aid of internally displaced persons and support the Defense and Security Forces (FDS) and the Volunteers for the Defense of the Homeland (VDP).

For her, the contribution to the war effort must be constant, until the final victory, “everyone must bring his share, however modest it may be”.

Suiting the action to the word, she was the first to put her contribution in the kitty. On the spot, an amount of about three hundred thousand francs, fruit of this spontaneous collection was given to the provincial director of the national police as support for the FDS. The participants advocated raising awareness among young people and supporting their employability. They also invited the inhabitants of the different localities to be proactive by remaining vigilant and by weaving an effective communication network.

The question of the construction site of December 11.

Addressing the issues of the province’s economic development, the participants returned to the construction sites opened in the city of Boussé on behalf of the work of December 11, 2021. They deplored in particular the cessation of work on the administrative building, the slowness in the construction of the gutter along the national road 2 (RN2) and the late start of the works of the city of living forces. The person in charge of the region recommended that we wait for the conclusions of the inventory which will be made by the national commission in charge of the organization of the festivities of December 11.

The constituted bodies of the region took advantage of their stay to visit the gendarmerie brigade, the provincial directorate of the national police of Boussé, the district police station of Laye and the base camp of the VDP.

Source: Burkina Information Agency

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