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Let’s add value to our resources – Western Nzema Youth League

The Western Nzema Youth League, a youth group, has called on Ghanaians especially leaders, to make good use of the country’s natural resources by adding value to them.

The group, in an independence solidarity message signed by Dr Patrick Ekye Kwesie, the Leader of the Youth League, said value added to natural resources like gold, oil, gas, manganese, lithium, silica sand, and loamy soil for farming, and a host of others, would ensure national development devoid of aid.

They also called on Ghanaians to rally behind the country’s education sector to enable children and the youth to break free from the dangers of social vices and class struggle, to enable them realise their full potential and serve as agents of positive change in society.

They said even as the country was celebrating its 67th Independence Day anniversary, the people must remember the sacrifices of their freedom fighters that formed Ghana and strive to sustain the momentum of this legacy towards achieving a holistic national development.

ay, we celebrate the enduring legacy of resiliency, courage, and fate of Ghanaian patriots. It makes our hearts beat with pride to see the colours of Independence Day spreading happiness and great joy all around,’ they added.

They said the painstaking years of martyrdom left Ghanaians with a strong legacy of patriotism and love of country, leading the way towards the triumph of the country, amidst the challenges of nation-building.

‘This is our inspiration for continuing the present quests for inclusive development that would carry the people out of the chains of poverty, insurgency, poor healthcare, and other threats to national security.’

The Youth League said the celebration must also be used to thank present heroes who continued to fight for the country’s freedom from terrorism, criminality, corruption, and local communism and for remaining unwavering in securing the gains of Ghana’s development across public health, economy, peace and order, and governance.

‘May we continue to find the indelible mark
of heroism not just in the unfurled and hoisted colours of our Ghanaian flag but also in our shared resolve to build a better way of life, defend our people’s liberties, and protect our Republic,’ it said.

It said it was a great time for Ghanaians to show the act of freedom in the diversity of their strengths and remain committed to their national values and aspirations founded on shared patriotic ideals.

Source: Ghana News Agency