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Let’s maintain discipline on the road to avoid accidents – NRSA

Madam Joana Fafa Ayer, Volta Regional Director of the National Road Safety Authority (NRSA), has advised road users to maintain discipline and avoid complacency on the road to avoid accidents before, during and after the Easter festivities.

She said road safety was a shared responsibility thus the need for the public to support the Authority to curb indiscipline on the road, which was a major contributor to accidents across the country.

Madam Ayer, speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, advised motorists and pedestrians to exercise caution on the road to protect themselves and other users.

The Director charged drivers to refrain from overtaking inadvertently as this might lead to an accident and fatalities.

She said it was wrong for a vehicle to overtake at places where the road markings prohibit it, such as curves, hilly and mountainous terrain, and bridges, and when approaching possible hazards like intersections and animal crossings.

‘Drivers should also avoid overtaking during inclemen
t weather because the reduced visibility might make it difficult for them to spot oncoming cars, which could lead to collisions,’ she said.

Madam Ayer said drivers who disregarded the warnings and were found to be improperly overtaking would face a fine not more than GH 120, a maximum sentence of 40 months in jail, or both.

In a related development, the Leadership of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) in the Anloga District of the Volta region has cautioned drivers to be more attentive on the roads during the Easter festivities.

Mr Samuel Dumega Ekpe, the GPRTU Chairman at Anloga, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, urged all drivers to avoid unnecessary over-speeding, overtaking and all forms of reckless driving to avoid any unforeseen disasters.

‘Drivers need to be more careful during the season because every life is precious, we cannot afford to lose anybody during this Easter season. Let us be more vigilant to avoid unnecessary loss of lives,’ he said.

Mr Ekpe advised drivers to a
lways do proper checks on their various vehicles before and after their daily activities and comply with all road regulations.

He stated that other road users, which include pedestrians, motor riders, and truck pushers among others should observe road regulations.

‘Drivers and passengers have to be patient with each other regardless of how long the journey may be because we need everybody alive.’

Some drivers and passengers, the GNA engaged at Anloga, expressed the hope that the season would be an accident-free one.

Various communities within Anloga and Keta have outlined several activities for this year’s Easter season.

Source: Ghana News Agency