Limbe City mayor calls on population to evacuate risk zones

The Limbe City Mayor, Paul Efome has cautioned inhabitants to avoid constructing in risk zones and to evacuate disastrous areas with Landslide history.

The call came after two persons were killed following a landslide which occurred on July 19, 2023 at Upper Mawoho quarters Mabeta in Limbe, South west region.

According to reports, the victims were asleep before they were swallowed by the soil which resulted from heavy down pour that morning.

Their corpses were successful retrieved after several hours of struggle by the population.

The Mabeta neighborhood is reported to be disastrous during the rainy season but despite efforts by the city Mayor to sensitize the population on Town planning service effectiveness, some inhabitants still construct in such areas.

The Mayor expressed his condolences to the bereaved families and called on inhabitants to ” value their lives and move away from disastrous areas”.

For several years now floods and landslides caused by heavy rains has been recurrent in the city of Limbe .

It has led to loss of life’s and has caused significant material damages, rendering many homeless.

On July 25, 2018, four persons died, ten others were injured and dozens were left homeless following floods caused by torrential rains in the Bonjo neighborhood, Limbe.

Source: Cameroon News Agency