Limbe I SDF district chair gives back to Community

The Social Democratic Front Limbe I Electoral District Chairman, Ndenge Godden Zama, has made huge donations of Books and other didactic materials to the school-going children in Alpha Club, a quarter in Limbe I.

Over 3000 kids came out in batches at the Alpha Club Junction where the donations were taking place on Monday, August 21.

Books, Mathematics Sets, rulers, pens, and pencils made up the majority of the donations to the kids.

Parents of kids who are currently on holiday and widows residing in and around Alpha Club and Towe were also beneficiaries of the gesture of the SDF Limbe I Electoral District Chairman, Ndenge Godden Zama.

The donations were facilitated by militants of the Party and friends of Zama who came around to help in controlling the endless crowd of kids and parents as well as help in sharing the items.

Speaking to reporters on site, Zama said the period coincided with when he lost his father some two years ago.

“Since I lost my father, it has been a routine that I donate books and didactic materials to kids in my community who may not have enough to go back to school,” The Politician and Real Estate Businessman said.

He added that as someone who likes education and a proprietor of a school, he knows what parents are going through during this period, and helping out in remembrance of his late father was not a bad idea.

Coming at the time when he had declared his candidacy to run for the position of National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front and quizzed if the move was politically motivated, Zama said no.

“This has nothing to do with politics; it is purely humanitarian and should be considered as such.”

He concluded that “it is back to school period and kids, who lack, should be given the chance to feel like those who have resources, it is not yet time for political campaigns, we are not yet there.”

It should be noted that the 38-Year-Old Ndenge Godden Zama is also involved in other community actions such as running a Football Club known as Livanda Lions and also the Chief Executive Officer of Peddy’s Capital.

Source: Cameroon News Agency