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Loum Council: Mayor’s driver suspended for tampering with civil status registers

The Loum Council in the Littoral region of Cameroon is reported to be in turmoil following the suspension of the Mayor’s driver over accusations of tampering with civil status registers.

Confidential sources within the council have revealed instances of the driver allegedly meddling with the records, including removing, overloading, and even making some disappear.

Sources revealed that after a closed-door disciplinary council, the driver was found guilty of several offenses, such as falsifying records and forgery. As a result, he has been suspended for two months, with his salary suspended as well.

However, concerns linger about the repercussions of this tampering on the accuracy of civil status records and the potential impact on residents.

‘After a guilty response to the request for explanation, after a disciplinary council behind closed doors, the Mayor’s driver was found guilty of falsifying civil status registers, false use of forgery, forgery in public writing and was notified of his 2-month suspen
sion,’ explained Cedric Le Fiscaliste on his Facebook handle.

Though the council has assured the public of its commitment to fixing the situation and rebuilding trust in its services, the incident highlights the absence of honesty and integrity in public offices.

The disciplinary action, however, to many, highlights the severity of the allegations and serves as a warning against any future breaches of trust within the council’s ranks.

Source: Cameroon News Agency