Man shot dead by police during hostage situation in Norway

A man has been shot by the police, during a hostage situation in Norway. According to the police, he was initially involved in a traffic accident with another car, in which a family with two children was present, late on Sunday evening, in the south-western Norwegian municipality of Randaberg. He fled the accident scene and was armed, the police stated in a press release. Shortly after, he gained access to another car, taking the driver as a hostage. The police followed the car, during which the man shot at the officers from the window. A shootout ensued, during which the perpetrator, as well as the hostage and a police officer, were hit. The man, aged between 40 and 50, was transported to a hospital in nearby Stavanger, and was declared dead shortly afterwards. The hostage sustained moderate gunshot wounds, but was not in life-threatening condition. The police officer was protected by a bulletproof vest. The family remained unharmed in the previous accident. Several Norwegian media outlets reported on Monday that the man, was scheduled to appear in court in December due to threats against the police. He also had a prior criminal record.

Source: Ghana News Agency