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Manya Krobo Rural Bank supports Our Lady of Fatimah School

The Management of Manya Krobo Rural Bank has provided 200 bags of cement to Our Lady of Fatimah School at Kpong, in the Eastern Region, as part of its commitment to improving educational infrastructure.

Mr Patrick Amanor Buckor, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank, accompanied by some board members, management, and staff, donated the cement to help pave the school’s compound.

The cement was delivered to the school’s administration, led by Rev. Sister Paulina Osei, the Headmistress.

Mr Buckor said the gift symbolised the Bank’s recognition of the special commercial cooperation shared with the school.

‘The Manya Krobo Rural Bank regards the school as a valued client. As a bank, we thought it wise to do something special to make sure the school is paved quickly and on time as part of our values…’

He explained that a few weeks ago, the school requested assistance for the pavement of the compound to make it look more attractive.

‘Since they are our partners, we believe we must get close to the
customers and support them so that the burden won’t be on them alone.’

He emphasised the role education played in the advancement of society and promised to keep working with the school to make the benefits of education visible.

On behalf of the entire Our Lady of Fatima School fraternity, Rev. Sister. Osei commended the board and management of the bank for considering their request.

She said the rains often turned the compound into a muddy mess, making it challenging for both staff and pupils to navigate.

‘Due to this circumstance, we reached out to the bank, making a heartfelt plea for assistance in paving the property, and our request was graciously approved.’

She implored the financial institution’s management to persist in their support for partners, pointing out the positive impact it had on the nation’s development.

Source: Ghana News Agency