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Mass revenue mobilisation: NEDCo, STU to agree on debt payment schedule

The Sunyani Area of the Northern Electricity Development Company (NEDCo) has scheduled to meet with the management of the Sunyani Technical University (STU) to agree on payment of electricity bill arrears of Ghc 4,944,273.58 million.

The meeting between the two parties was scheduled for Tuesday, March 11, 2024, to establish a payment schedule for the outstanding debt owed by STU in which failing to do so may result in another disconnection of services.

The meeting followed a disconnection exercise that occurred on Friday morning at the university, however, the university’s management has issued a cheque of Ghc 200,000 as a partial payment of the total amount owed.

However, the mobilization team has restored power to facilitate the university’s business activities based on part payment.

Mr. Augustine Akolgo Nsor, the General Revenue Protection Officer for the Sunyani Area, NEDCo, confirmed that the university had so far made total pay to Ghc 300,000, however the outstanding debt remained substantial.

said prior to the start of the mass revenue mobilization exercise, the university was advised to pay their current bills in full each month, along with a portion of the outstanding debt, to clear the arrears but the university did not adhere to the advice.

Mr. Nsor went on to explain that the non-payment of bills was having a detrimental effect on their ability to effectively carry out their operations, saying, the lack of funds hinders their operations of replacing outdated materials and making it difficult for the NEDCo to cover the costs of supplying power to their customers.

Source: Ghana News Agency