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Material possession does not determine one’s value of life – Rev. Achana

Reverend Monica A. Achana, a Reverend Minister of the Methodist Church of Ghana in Wa, says a person’s value of life is not dependent on his or her material possessions or the number of years spent on earth.

She said some people, for that matter Christians, thought that the amount of material possessions they had determined the value of their life and, thus, struggled at all costs to get rich at the expense of the pursuit of eternal life and ended up frustrated and in serious agony.

Rev. Achana said this in sermon in Wa at the weekend to mark the celebration of Easter in commemoration of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

She said a person’s value of life depended on one’s impact on society and mankind during his or her passage through the earth as Jesus Christ did during His short stay on earth.

‘Jesus Christ according to the scripture lived for 33 years but his short life on earth brought mankind deliverance, salvation, reconciliation, restoration of the broken relationship between man
and God in the Garden of Eden and many more,’ she observed.

She explained that Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead so that man could have life and that Christians all over the world celebrated the risen Lord because of the benefits of life gained through his death.

Rev. Achana reminded Christians of the admonishment of the Lord Jesus Christ to all men to labour for things that have eternal value as that is the only way their labour and life will have value and meaning.

The Rev. Minister said Jesus Christ had accomplished every assignment for mankind to enjoy the life that they had to live on earth.

She prayed for continued grace from God for all to walk in righteousness and the light of the world since Jesus is light so that ‘people who are living in darkness can be part of this sacrifice of this benefits that the Lord has made for you and I.’

She appealed to Ghanaians to pray without seizing to ensure that the December elections became peaceful.

She said Ghana was one and that all those seeking po
litical power must let peace be their utmost priority to protect life and property.

‘Our politicians should be more interested in safeguarding the peace of the country because some of them have valuable properties and businesses that must be protected,’ she said.

Source: Ghana News Agency