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Media urged to work closely with AU to transform African Continent

Mr Kahlid Boudali, the Presiding Officer, Economic, Social, and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC), has called for media partnership with the African Union (AU), to disseminate positive reportage to transform the African continent.

He said ECOSOCC underscored the importance of partnership and dialogue and that it was through united efforts that new grounds could be broken and address the challenges that faced the continent.

The Presiding Officer said this at a press briefing in Accra to announce the commemoration of the AU ECOSOCC 20th?anniversary scheduled for Wednesday, July 04, 2024.

Mr Boudali said ‘today marks a significant milestone in the collective journey which began two decades ago, with a vision to integrate the voices of civil society into the AU’s decision-making processes, thereby fostering a continent driven by its own people.

He said over these 20 years, ECOSOCC had been at the forefront of promoting Pan-African values and leading socio-economic and cultural development across Africa.

‘Our work,
rooted in the belief that civil society is pivotal to the continent’s progress, has aimed at creating a more inclusive, prosperous, and united Africa,’ he added.

The Presiding Officer said, ‘let us reflect on the achievements we have collectively garnered, our commitment has not only brought us closer to realising the aspirations of Agenda 2063 but has also ensured that the African Union resonates more with the citizens it serves.

‘Let us pledge to continue working together for the betterment of our continent and its people, together, let us envision and work towards a future that is even brighter than the past we celebrate today,’ he added.

Mr William Carew, the Head of Secretariat at ECOSOCC, said the 20th?anniversary coincided with the roll-out of the second 10 years Implementation Plan of Agenda 2063, recalling the vision of the AU.

The commemoration also marked an era of unprecedented progress in the life cycle, and that at the first quarter of 2024, significant progress had been made in reviewing EC
OSOCC’s legal instruments.

Mr Carew said 2024 also marked the roll-out of the much-awaited ECOSOCC National Chapters in AU Member States and the increasing importance of the Council with the adoption of the AU harmonised accreditation mechanism.

Source: Ghana News Agency