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Meme Division: Bikers denounce killing of colleagues, weekly pass

Commercial motorcycle riders in Kumba, the main city of Meme Division, in the South West region, on Tuesday went on a rampage, protesting insecurity that led to the killing of three bike riders in Kumba, by suspected Separatist fighters on Monday.

The bikers said the selling of weekly bike passes every Monday by Municipal authorities, caused Separatists to target them.

Since January 9, 2017, Ambazonian Separatists declared Monday a ‘ghost town day’ in the two Anglophone regions and attempts not to respect this day have often met with deaths, and the burning of schools, houses, and shops.

The protesting riders revealed that their peers were shot in Kumba Mbeng and Bonakama neighborhoods last Monday, April 1, 2024, shortly after getting the weekly bike pass.

They suspect that Meme’s municipal and administrative authorities are using them as shields against separatist fighters and to fight against the regular Mondays ghost towns, by introducing the weekly pass.

The situation was controlled after the timely
intervention of the Nfon of Bafaw; Senator Nfon Ekoko Mukete, via a video call from Yaounde to the riders from Yaounde.

Source: Cameroon News Agency