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Mepe Mankralo appeals to Government for River Defence wall and rehabilitation of Road

Togbe Kwesi Nego VI, the Mankralo of Mepe, has appealed to the government to erect defence walls along the river belt and also rehabilitate the Mepe town roads.

Togbe Nego’s request followed the visit of Mr Kodjo Oppong Nkrumah, the Minister of Works and Housing, to break grounds for the construction of resettlement housing units for residents who were affected by the Akosombo Dam spillage in the enclave.

Togbe Nego stated that the river defence walls, when erected would mitigate the risks of future flood occurrences.

‘We do not pray for another flood to hit us but we would be very grateful if the government would help us build those defence walls to avert any possible flood situations in the future,’ he explained.

The Mankralo also appealed for the rehabilitation of the town’s road network, which has been severely compromised by the floods.

He noted that though the sector minister is not in charge of road construction in the country, he could still support them in realizing answers to their road challe

Togbe Nego also indicated that ‘the Mepe town needs a proper drainage system and we would be very happy if your Ministry would help us.’

Mr Kodjo Oppong Nkrumah affirmed the government’s commitment to the well-being of the residents and stated that the Mankralo’s concerns would be given a comprehensive assessment and attention.

He called on the Mankralo and his elders to support the government to ensure that the resettlement housing project was also successfully carried out in Mepe.

Source: Ghana News Agency