Merdian EP Church synod holds 2023 Men’s Fellowship Business Conference

Justice Issac Douse, a former Appeal Court Judge, has observed that the strategic role of men demands that they provide quality leadership and serve as an example to the youth and the growth of the church. Men, he said, need to provide guidance to the family, directing them to lead godly behaviour that will enable them to become leaders of the Lord’s and be able to provide for their family while serving God. Justice Douse made the call, as the guest speaker at the Evangelical Presbyterian (EP) Church Meridian Men’s Fellowship 2023 Business Conference, in Tema. The conference was on the theme: ‘Revive us Again, Lord, Heal Us! The Strategic Role of Men.’ Justice Douse stated that men should not only be fathers to their families but to the church and all members of their communities too, having positive experience in church activities to serve as role models for the generations to come. The Reverend Wilson Dumasi, Meridian Presbytery Synod Clerk of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana, said men have an important role to play in the growth of a nation and charged them to be proactive in leading positive transformation. ? He said: ‘Strong men don’t have attitude; they have standards,’ adding that, ‘so they should have standards, and that is the only way they can strategically position themselves to change their old ways of doing things and achieve their mandate of personal growth and the growth of the church.’ He explained the desire to awaken the men’s fellowship from their sleep to revive and have a strategic goal in all things because the men have a core mandate of growth and spiritual development. This, he said would let them experience true healing and restoration as a body of Christ spiritually, materially, economically, psychologically, mentally, and emotionally. Mr. Francis Ameyibor, the Tema Regional Manager for the Ghana News Agency, who was the chairman of the business conference, noted that men’s fellowship is essential for a man’s spiritual wellbeing. He charged the men’s fellowship to move away from ‘analogue to digital fellowship,’ which has the attributes of modern-day relevance, thereby infusing dynamism into their ways of life. He encouraged the men to be strong, stand firm, and inculcate the habit of good morals in their children so they could take up the batons of men’s fellowships when they were of age. ‘Let us train our children in the ways of God so that when they grow, they will not depart from them. When you are going to church, take your children with you and attend church programmes with your family so they grow to adopt and not depart from the ways of God,’ he said. He charged the church to organise workshops, seminars, trips, and fun games, among others, stressing that they must transform the fellowship into a Christian business incubation fellowship to attract both the young and the old to help improve their mental health and raise the interest of the youth in joining the men’s fellowship. Mr. Samuel Akoetey, President, Meridian Presbytery Men’s Fellowship, urged participants to pounder over the theme for the conference and take on the role of leadership at home, in church, and in their communities. The annual conference is used to evaluate, take stock, and discuss issues that will empower men’s fellowship and the church.

Source: Ghana News Agency