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Muslim community prays for restoration of peace in Nkwanta South

Alhaji Ibrahim Issaka Kayaba, the Zongo Chief of Nkwanta in the South Municipality of the Oti Region, has led the Muslim community, in special prayers for the restoration of peace and unity of the area.

The town was immersed in ethnic misunderstandings and clashes among the Adeles Challas and Akyode groups, resulting in the deaths of 16 people and the destruction of properties.

During the prayer session, worshippers prayed fervently for an end to the violence and for all parties involved to come together in a spirit of reconciliation and understanding.

The Zongo Chief stressed the importance of unity and tolerance in times of conflict and the community to set aside their differences and work towards building a more peaceful and inclusive society.

Alhaji Kayaba appealed to the government to review the curfew period, stating that it affected the Ramadan prayers in the area.

He said during the Holy month of Ramadan, Muslims fasted from dawn until sunset and engaged in extra prayers and spiritual activities,
however, with the current curfew in place, many were finding it difficult to attend late-night and congregational prayers at the mosque.

In acknowledging the importance of the curfew in ensuring public safety, Alhaji Kayaba urged the government to consider the religious needs of the community members during this sacred time.

Mr Felix Owusu Gyimah, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) in the Nkwanta South Municipality, who participated in the prayers urged the people to embrace peace to rebuild the community for development to thrive.

‘I pray for a successful tenure in office and, most importantly, for a peaceful Nkwanta, where every individual can thrive and all potentials can be nurtured.,’ he said.

The MCE also urged the parties involved to exhibit positive attitudes in all their daily activities to confirm to the government the current peace in the area to warrant the review of the curfew.

Source: Ghana News Agency