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Mystical performances greet Sunyani, as late chief’s pre-burial rites commence

The premises of the old Sunyani Palace was filled with traditional priests performing mystics, as they joined hundreds of mourners to commence the pre-burial funeral rites (Dotoyie) of the late Paramount Chief, Nana Bosoma Asor Nkrawiri II.

Most of them were dressed in smock and other regalia, with over 50 priests wearing talismans around their necks and legs, exhibiting the magical dances and performances as the traditional warriors fired muskets sporadically.

Drawn from the various shrines dotted around the Sunyani Traditional Area and parts of the Municipality, the various priests displayed their dancing prowess and magical powers amid rhythmical drumming and traditional songs.

The atmosphere in the town was, however, solemn, as hundreds of mourners from all walks of life arrived to pay their last respects to the late paramount chief.

As tradition required, women from the royal family and other natives of the town wore funeral cloths (red and black), with mostly black headgears and red armbands, and we
re seen singing dirges.

The presence of the traditional priests, who had dreadlocks, and the warriors, however scared some mourners, basically new to the tradition and culture of the area.

As some of the priests, holding traditional staffs, machete, fly whisks and cowries, broke and swallowed uncooked eggs, others also performed magical dances to the amazement of the mourners.

However, the colourful scene at the Victoria Park area was nearly marred when some mourners rushed to collect the lotto numbers and ‘spiritual money’ (fresh GHC200 and GHC5 notes) displayed by some of the traditional priests.

In an interview, Nana Manu, the Abrafohene (chief of executioners), explained that the mystical performances were essential to preserve the culture and tradition, which reflected the identity of the Sunyanis.

‘As tradition demands these performances are only reserved for the royals. This is an African religion that reflects the identity of the African people,’ he said, and called for the promotion and preserva
tion of the ancient African tradition and cultures.

The Sunyani Traditional Council announced the demise of Nana Nkrawiri on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, and had subsequently set his pre-burial and funeral rites for Monday April 1 to Sunday April 7.

Known in private life as Christian Kwaakye, Nana Nkrawiri was a retired educationist, born on May 31, 1946, and became the Paramount Chief of Sunyani on Monday, March 17, 1980.

Source: Ghana News Agency