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NDC Parliamentary Candidate calls for peace amidst SOGASCO-COMBOTEC feud

Mr Maxwell Lukutor, the Parliamentary Candidate (PC) on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in South Tongu constituency has called on two schools in the area to ensure peaceful coexistence. amidst the recent feud.

This followed the attack by some students at Comboni Vocational Technical Institute (COMBOTECH) and their sister school, Sogakope Senior High School (SOGASCO) on Sunday, which resulted in the destruction of school property, physical assaults, and harm to individuals.

Mr Lukutor said that such behaviours were unacceptable and also stood against the values of discipline, respect and fellow feeling that are the backbone of camaraderie and coexistence among schools.

He indicated that ‘as a former student, a leader of the Old Students Association, and a parliamentary candidate for the Constituency, I urge all students of COMBOTECH and SOGASCO to immediately cease all acts of violence and misconduct. It is crucial that you prioritize discipline, peaceful coexistence, and a commitment t
o learning.’

He implored the old students of both schools to serve as positive role models for the current students.

The PC also urged them to demonstrate tolerance, responsibility, and integrity.

Mr Lukutor further called on all stakeholders, including parents, teachers, community leaders, and the local authorities, to support efforts to enhance security in the two schools.

‘It is essential that we work together to prevent further incidents of violence and to create a safe and conducive teaching and learning environments for all students and staff’. He explained.

The PC emphasized that any student or old student who was found engaging in violent or disruptive acts would face appropriate disciplinary actions.

He also entreated the teachers to enforce discipline to maintain order and ensure the well-being of all students.

However, four students of COMBOTEC and four other town folks are in police custody assisting with investigations.

Source: Ghana News Agency