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Northern Development Authority constructs 32 boreholes at Bunkpurugu

A total of 32 communities in the Bunkpurugu-Nakpanduri District of the North East Region now have access to regular supply of water for their various activities following the construction of boreholes in the area.??

The boreholes were constructed by the Northern Development Authority (NDA) to ensure residents’ access to water for their domestic activities as well as promote improved sanitation and hygiene practices to prevent outbreak of diseases.

The beneficiary communities are Tojin Dauk, Tojin Dickson Kuan, Pagnatiik, Bamong, Nanyiar, Kauk Jagouk, Nabauk, Jabdawuur, Chintilung No2, Kpentaung, Nakpeuk, Najong No1, Nasiabok, Konmoung Gberuk.

The rest are Kunkwadan No1, Gberukkunkook, Kpemale Kpinkpamu, Janandel No2, Balinfiuk, Tangkuan, Langobik Nakpanduri, Gumsuka Nakpanduri, Naadaari, Konbong Kuan.

?????Mr Sulley Sambian, Chief Executive Officer, NDA, who visited the communities to open the boreholes for use by the residents, assured that the NDA was making efforts to drill more boreholes in other comm
unities to ensure their access to water.

?????Mr Sambian said, ‘water remains a critical need of the people’ adding upon assumption of office, he put in a mechanism to get approval from government to drill some boreholes for various communities.’

?????He said approval was given to procure 120 boreholes for all the five regions in the north hence the drilling of the 32 boreholes at Bunkpurugu, adding, ‘Same can be said about Sagnarigu, same can be said about the Upper West Region.’

?????He mentioned other districts where the boreholes had been constructed, saying 10 were constructed at Chereponi, 10 at Yunyoo, 15 at Gambaga, and one at Walewale.

?????He assured the people that ‘We will put in place measures to ensure that we get more boreholes this year.’

?????Mr Joseph Louknaan, District Chief Executive for Bunkpurugu-Nakpanduri, who accompanied the NDA CEO to open the boreholes in the communities, expressed gratitude to the NDA for addressing one of the critical needs of the people.

?????Mr Louknaan ap
pealed for more water projects, including solar-powered mechanised boreholes appealing to other development partners to join efforts at improving sanitation and hygiene practices in the area to eradicate diseases in the area.

?????He said, ‘The population of the area is increasing but we do not have small town water system. We need more boreholes for the people and even our animals.’

Source: Ghana News Agency