Obuasi East Health Directorate targets 24,000 school children in deworming exercise

The Obuasi East District Health Directorate is seeking to deworm 24,000 school children in the district as part of a comprehensive nationwide deworming exercise in schools.

Officials of the District Health and Education Directorates were joined by the District Chief Executive (DCE), Madam Faustina Amissah to administer Praziquantel (600mg) and Albendazole (400mg) dosage to each child at the St Joseph School at Wawase to signal the commencement of the exercise.

The campaign, which is aimed at promoting the well-being of school children, targets parasitic infections that can affect their growth and overall health.

The medicines will be administered under strict supervision of teachers to the school-age children at their respective schools with assistance from local health workers

The DCE encouraged active participation from the pupils and urged parents to support and engage their wards in the deworming exercise.

She said such exercise did not only contribute to individual well-being but also created a hea
lthier and more resilient society.

She expressed her gratitude to all those involved, underscoring the significance of working together to ensure the success of the exercise, which she noted would directly impact the well-being of communities.

Health professionals who were on hand to administer the drugs to the children stressed the importance of preventive measures to safeguard against parasitic infections.

The campaign also included educational sessions to raise awareness among students, teachers, and parents about the significance of regular deworming to maintain optimal health.

Mr. Solomon Aduhene, the District Disease Control officer, said the exercise required the collective efforts of all stakeholders to achieve the desired target to promote good health among school children.

‘The initiative aligns with the government’s broader healthcare goals, particularly in addressing preventable diseases and improving overall public health,’ he noted.

The primary objective of the initiative, according to him
, was to administer deworming medication to all school children, ranging from Kindergarten to Junior High School.

Mr. Aduhene said the administration of the drugs was strategically aimed at minimizing anaemia cases in children.

Mr. Kwabena Owusu Nketia, the District Director of Education, highlighted the importance of annual deworming as a critical practice for pupils, emphasing that many diseases originated from worm infections.

‘This comprehensive approach covers all 26 primary schools and 20 kindergarten schools, with a specific focus on KG 2 and 19 primary schools, excluding private schools,’ he explained.

Source: Ghana News Agency