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Oku Fon raises concerns over title abuse and misuse

By Charity Nginyu

In a recent statement issued by His Royal Majesty Fon Ngum IV, concerns over the abuse and misuse of traditional titles have been raised within the Oku community.

Addressing the public via his official Facebook handle, the Fon expressed grave concern over the sudden surge of individuals proclaiming themselves as title holders without proper authorization.

‘It has come to notice that several persons have suddenly proclaimed themselves as title holders ranging from appellations such as Shey, Ebchuo Shey, Yaah, Ebchuofai, Bantock, Tantoh just to name a few of such abusive use of titles,’ the Fon stated.

Highlighting the significance of traditional titles within Oku society, the Fon emphasized that titles are bestowed singularly by the Kwifon and the Fon of Oku, and no individual has the authority to self-proclaim or upgrade existing titles.

Furthermore, the Fon highlighted the importance of upholding noble character and behavior among title holders, stating, ‘Title holders are supposed to
be noble in their characters and actions, including behavior. This is what sets the premise for norms and standards within the context of the Oku Society and this must be respected.’

In light of these concerns, His Royal Majesty Fon Ngum IV issued the following directives:

The practice of self-proclamation of titles should cease immediately; All current traditional title holders should adhere to the original title nomenclature as proclaimed by the Kwifon or the Fon and display exemplary lifestyles to sustain the dignity of Oku culture and tradition.

The Traditional Institutions will take drastic measures should the abuse, misuse, and self-proclamation of titles continue to trend.

The Fon concluded by reaffirming the importance of wisdom and stewardship among titleholders, stating, ‘They are supposed to listen more and speak less. This is the foundation of wisdom and our customs put a lot of emphasis on this.’

Source: Cameroon News Agency