Outcry as Camtel splashes millions on foreign Artiste

Bikutsi Queen, Lady Ponce, expressed her dissatisfaction with the management of Cameroon Telecommunication company, CAMTEL, for ignoring local Artistes in the launch of a new product.

Congolese-born, Fally Ipupa, is expected to perform during the unveiling of the new product on December 30, 2023, at the Douala Reunification Stadium.

Lady Ponce said such a position could have been occupied by Cameroonian Makossa legend, Petit Pays.

“Cameroon Télécommunications, you launch a product consumed by Cameroonians, yet you’re a taxpayer-owned company, but you take Fally as your headliner and he’s the one you put as your headliner.” she wondered.

“Camtel, what a shame, what contempt! Our companies have no respect for Cameroonian Artistes.”

The Bitkussi Queen revealed that CAMTEL did not respond to her sponsorship requests when she organized a show at the Yaounde Sports Complex, “I asked for your sponsorship for Paposy. You haven’t given a penny, you don’t support anyone, any artist from your country, this can’t exist in any country in Africa.”

“Instead of covering the national network, you spend your money inviting foreign artists.

I’m in Douala, and it’s been 3 months since I bought a CAMTEL (Cameroon Telecommunications) chip, which is not being used anywhere, let alone at home,” a Facebook user commented under CAMTEL’s post announcing the arrival of the Congolese musician in December.

Another person said, “Petit Pays as a headliner… or other local Artistes would be better…and that would really convey the meaning of consuming Cameroonian.”

CNA cannot confirm information that CAMTEL will spend a whooping FCFA 50 million to pay Fally Ipupa, excluding other expenses.

Source: Cameroon News Agency