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Parliament speaker pledged to preserving children’s rights

National Assembly (AN) speaker Carolina Cerqueira reiterated Thursday in Luanda her institution’s responsibility, duty and commitment to protect the children’s rights.

The Parliamentary made the pledge during her visit to the “Nossa Senhora de África” school, accommodating the pupils, as part of the World Children’s Day.

The Speaker highlighted the importance of the MPs to continue to defend the rights to health, education, housing, security and other obligations inherent to child.

Carolina Cerqueira stated that the AN role, however, is to make society healthy, with civic and patriotic moral values, aiming at dignifying the human person.

The Parliamentary leader stressed the focus on the family and the preservation of values for the strong nation and the dignity of the democratic rule of law.

She appealed to the children to preserve the environment, treat animals and take care of plants, “as these activities help children to discover the beauty of life”.

Carolina Cerqueira conveyed the congratulations from the 220 members of the Parliament on celebration of June 1, the World Children’s Day.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)