Parliament to pass draft law on statute of former Presidents

National Assembly (NA) will discuss and vote for Draft Law on the Statute of the Former Presidents of the Republic on June 22, the Parliament Bureau’s first secretary Manuel Lopes Dembo announced Friday in Luanda.

Manuel Dembo made the announcement at the end of the Conference of the leaders of the Parliamentary Groups, which aimed to set the agenda of the 7th Ordinary Plenary Meeting of the National Assembly.

The legislative initiative of the proposal under consideration aims to adjust the rights, duties and immunities of former Presidents and their singular auxiliary body in the exercise of Executive Power.

The 7th Plenary Meeting of the 1st Legislative Session of the 5th Legislature will also hold the final overall vote for the Draft Law on Labour Procedure Code and for the three diplomas that authorise the President of the Republic, as Head of the Government, to legislate on the amendment of the Fiscal Regime of the Concession of Blocks 30, 44 and 45.

The Parliament will also vote, in generality, for the Proposed Amendments to the Laws on the Statute of Journalists and on the Organic Law of the Media Regulatory Authority as well as for two draft resolutions on the requests for authorisation for the double adoption, international, of minors Kiary André and Eduardo Suculenta

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)