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Photojournalists Network launches Monthly Photo Projects

The Ghana Photojournalists Network (GPNeT) has launched its flagship monthly project: ‘Ghana Through the Lens,’ starting from March this year.

This initiative aims to capture the essence of Ghana’s development through the medium of photography (still and video formats). The primary goal of the project is to visually inform, educate, and entertain the public about everyday life in Ghana, highlighting various aspects such as cultural heritage, tourism, health, education, environment, industry, and economic development.

‘Ghana Through the Lens’ also seeks to showcase the country’s diverse and vibrant landscape while addressing critical issues that affect its progress. By sharing compelling images on social media platforms, the network aims to promote tourism, attract investment, and stimulate economic activity.

A release signed and issued by its President, Mr David Andoh said the project aimed to spark meaningful conversations about challenges hindering Ghana’s development, with the hope of inspiring positiv
e change in attitudes and behaviors.

With a team of seasoned members located nationwide, the Network will through the project offer a wide range of perspectives and insights into Ghanaian life, while igniting passion and fostering creativity among participants.

By way of variety each month, ‘Ghana Through the Lens’ will focus on a sub- theme, with the inaugural edition (March) centering on ‘Climate Change: Causes, Effects and Interventions.’

Additionally, the network plans to organize photo exhibitions, host photography awards, and produce photo books annually to showcase the highlights of the project.

Overall, ‘Ghana Through the Lens’ project represents a significant step towards celebrating Ghana’s development and addressing key issues through the power of visual storytelling, the release added.

Source: Ghana News Agency