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Power outages: We generate power based on ECG’s demand – IPPs

The Independent Power Producers (IPPs) says it cannot be blamed for the current power outages based on its arrangements with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

The Chamber said the quantity of power generated by the IPPs was based on the request from ECG in accordance with the daily demand.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Dr Elikplim Kwabla Apetorgbor, Chief Executive, Chamber of Independent Power Generators, said the Producers were ready to always generate electricity to the grid.

‘Our plants are ready in capacity to receive or be called to generate electricity onto the grid. On the daily basis, we declare our availability, meaning that we are technically ready to run our power plants.

‘So depending on the demand on the market, they (ECG) will call each power plant to generate their required capacity to meet the demand,’ he said.

The country has been experiencing intermittent power outages in recent weeks, with customers expressing frustration about the situation and demanding load-shed
ding plan to organise their activities.

The ECG earlier attributed the power outages to what it described as an overloading of some 630 transformers during peak hours, indicating that the affected transformers had exceeded their full capacity due to rising electricity demand.

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission has directed the ECG to furnish it with a load management timetable by April 2, 2024.

The IPPs Chamber pledged to support the Company to better serve the country.

Dr Apetorgbor said the ECG had been consistent in honouring current invoices from July 2023 till date.

‘We are ready to cooperate with government to share our thoughts…ECG’s survival is our survival, and it is very important for us to ensure that ECG works,’ he said.

The IPPs Chamber appealed to the Ministry of Energy for representation on the Cash Waterfall Mechanism Committee as stakeholders in the industry.

‘This inclusion is not just about representation; it is about enhancing the sector’s integrity, efficiency, and ultimate
ly, its contribution to national development,’ Mr Apetorgbor said.

The IPPs account for 47 per cent of the country’s total power generation mix and contribute 67 per cent of Ghana’s thermal power.

They comprise Sunon Asogli, Cenpower, Karpowership, AKSA, Twin City Energy and CENIT.

Source: Ghana News Agency