President Paul Biya disburses over FCFA 250 Billion for the Common Decentralization Fund

The President of the Republic on Wednesday September 6, sifned a decree laying down the distribution of the Common Decentralization Fund for the year 2023, disbursed the sum of FCFA 252 568 936 000 that will be meant for the general operating and general investment allocations in various decentralized territorial services.

The amount allocated for general operations stands at FCFA 137 240 638 000, in which FCFA 5 Billion is meant for other uses. In the amount meant for other uses, mayors will be paid FCFA 2, 5 Billion while the arrears for council executives for the 2013-2020 mandate stands at 955 Million.

Allocation to various regions is FCFA 30 billion of which each region will have FCFA 3 billion.

The amount allocated for general investment is FCFA 115 billion 328 million 300 thousand and will comprise all public investment resources devolved to councils.

The decree also states that projects that will be funded by the General investment allocation will have to be adopted by mutually agreement by the beneficiary councils, the ministries in charge of public investment, regional and local authorities, and the sector ministries.

Source: Cameroon News Agency