Proposed deployment of ECOWAS forces to Niger counterproductive – Security Analyst

Mr Bill Godson Ocloo, a Security Analyst, says the proposed deployment of ECOWAS standby military forces to Niger is not the best way to resolve the coup and restore constitutional order to that country.

He has, therefore, recommended a more strategic and diplomatic approach to tackling the crisis in the ECOWAS member nation.

In an interview with the Ghana News Agency (GNA), Mr Ocloo said he fully supported the concerns of ECOWAS on the coup d’etat in Niger as it posed a threat to regional stability.

‘However, I respectfully disagree with the proposed deployment of ECOWAS standby troops as a means of restoring constitutional order in that country,’ he noted.

‘Such a move would have counterproductive consequences, further exacerbating the already precarious situation in Niger.’

‘The coup leaders are likely to interpret the presence of the standby forces as an act of provocation, potentially escalating violence.’

Mr Ocloo urged ECOWAS to concentrate its efforts on offering a strategic mediation role for the early restoration of democracy to Niger as the coup leaders were strongly backed by the citizenry.

‘ECOWAS must, first of all, look into the conditions leading to the coup d’etat and assure the coup leaders of its firm resolve to ensure the reversal of the country’s economic sovereignty to the people from the colonial masters…’ he said.

‘It is of paramount importance that ECOWAS provides humanitarian aid to the affected population of Niger who might have endured significant suffering due to the current situation.’

Mr Ocloo emphasised the need for collaboration between ECOWAS and the international community in addressing the root causes of such coup d’état in West Africa, including poverty, corruption, nepotism, denial of sovereignty and human rights, and limited opportunities for the citizenry.

By effectively resolving those underlying factors, ECOWAS could play a pivotal role in preventing future coups, not only in Niger but also in other countries on the African Continent.

The Security Analyst urged all stakeholders to prioritise peace, stability, prosperity, and the well-being of the people of Niger and the entire ECOWAS region, while remaining committed to advocating peaceful and diplomatic solutions to the situation.

Source: Ghana News Agency