Reaction/ The eminent Professor is wrong!

Neither capital flight nor corruption explain Africa’s poverty. The main reason is that we belong to another civilizational structure. We Africans are on earth, not to die at work like Westerners and Asians, but to watch the time pass in the company of the brothers and sisters of the community over a good beer. It’s not even congenital African laziness, it’s another civilizational structure. Brains trained in the best American and European universities return to Africa imbued with their superiority and quickly find the atmosphere of living doing nothing and drinking. The main daily activity for Burundian and African males is drinking and spending time with friends every day that the Lord does. The missionaries knew how to tinker with dams to produce electricity in the missions in the interior of the country (those who studied at the seminary of Mugera know this), but no Burundian engineer has ever made the slightest invention of electricity production hydraulic or solar when we have plenty of water and sunshine. The whole country is plunged into darkness from 6 p.m., but no one has the idea of ​​using solar or wind energy. We are like that a point at the line. After 60 years of independence, it takes Chinese people to build all the infrastructure in Africa. They even went so far as to give the gift of shame namely: the grandiose headquarters of the African Union Commission, because we are incapable of anything.

Source: IWACU Burundi

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