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Remain united to grow church, transform societies -Christians told

The Right Reverend Professor Joseph Edusa-Eyison, President, Association of Methodist Men’s Fellowships, Northern Accra Diocese, Methodist Church Ghana, has encouraged Christians to remain united in growing the Church and to transform societies.?

He made this call at the fifth Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association of Methodist Men’s Fellowships of the Northern Accra Diocese of the Methodist Church Ghana.

The AGM was held at the Trinity Methodist Society, Madina, on Saturday, March 9, on the theme: ‘Discipleship; growing into Christian maturity’.

Speaking about the essence of unity in discipleship and Christendom, Rt Rev Edusa-Eyison said: ‘Growth is impossible amidst disunity.’

‘To grow the Church qualitatively requires us to remain in the Church and contribute your quota to its edification; correcting the wrongs, and ensuring that we fall in line with the word of God, instead of the practice of some members leaving the Church,’ he said.?

He stated that discipleship remained a core mandate to t
he call to follow Jesus Christ – a life-long process that continued to eternity, hence, the need to continually be educated in the matters of God.

‘The goal is to help believers live a transformed life in Christ, therefore, the progressive Christian must cultivate a concentrated forward-look attitude to where the goal lies – growing into Christian maturity,’ Rt Rev Edusa-Eyison said.

The President of the Men’s Fellowship noted that growth and maturity in Christendom was complex, and demanding.

He said it was important for Christians to ‘press on until the mark is reached, by applying intentional effort to achieve a purposeful life’.

He urged Christians to be led by the Holy Spirit to forsake the life of sinfulness, and embark on a new life of holiness, saying, ‘any attempt at Christian growth and maturity without the assistance of the Holy Spirit achieves nothing’.

Mr Kwamina Amosi-Andoh, Diocesan Chairman, stated that the theme was a call for the Church to build a united, vibrant, and spirit-led Associa
tion of Methodist Men’s Fellowships for holistic transformation of societies.

That, he said, required that Christians evangelised the home, communities, the country, and the world at large, which could be achieved ‘if we are very close to our Omnipotent God using our tools – Jesus Christ, the Bible and prayers’.

He pledged the Fellowship’s relentless effort to intensify care for the wellbeing of old members, including visiting the infirmed, praying for them, and extending welfare benefits to them.

However, he encouraged, particularly, the elderly, to take their healthcare seriously, saying, ‘go to hospital, eat well, and exercise the body regularly.’

At the fifth AGM, Rev ACP Faustina Asare, was honoured for establishing a Men’s Fellowship at John Wesley Methodist, Mr Benjamin Tettey, a long-serving member of the Association was awarded with a role of honour award.

The New Achimota circuit, received the best performing circuit?award under the year of review, with the second and third positions going to t
he Adenta and Ashongman circuits respectively.

Source: Ghana News Agency