Residents of Kukuo appeal for social amenities

Residents of Kukuo, a community in the Nanumba South District of the Northern Region have lamented the effect of inadequate social amenities on their livelihood. ‘We appeal to the authorities to come to our aid. We lack so many things as a community’ They appealed to government and non-governmental organisations to tar their road, provide them with potable drinking water, a refurbished health centre, teachers’ bungalow, and classrooms. Most residents of the Kukuo community are farmers, who cultivate all kinds of crops, but their produce is unable to get to the market on time as result of bad road network. The GNA’s visit to the community revealed that the road from Kukuo to Bimbilla, which is about 14 kilometers, is in a bad state and flooded anytime it rained making it difficult for commuters to access. Classrooms of the community school are without furniture with an abandoned dilapidated teachers’ bungalow. Madam Barikisu Abdullah, a resident, who is a farmer, told the GNA that she cultivated vegetables on commercial scale but incurred losses repeatedly due to transportation challenges. She said commercial vehicles did not work on the Kukuo – Bimbila Road due to its bad state, hence transporting the produce to the market was challenging. She appealed for the road to be fixed to ease transporting farm produce to enhance their livelihood. Interacting with residents, the GNA found that lack of accommodation for teachers in the community and inadequate infrastructure affected punctuality of both teachers and school children. Mr Alhassan Abdul-Razak, also a resident, said teachers, who were posted to the area, rejected the offer, adding that the few who did faced accommodation challenges, which affected their ability to be punctual to class. He stated that an NGO provided a mechanised borehole to alleviate water crisis, but it was inadequate to serve every part of the community.

Source: Ghana News Agency