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Rita Dominic sends subtle advise to slay queens

By Eratus Ndueh

Veteran Nollywood actress, Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Nwaturuocha popularly known as Rita Dominic, has revealed that one of the reasons why she temporary departed from the movie industry was because she began to find fulfilment and a reason for living working as a carer in London.

She spoke during a Women of Valour Conference held in Accra, Ghana, where she stated that she left acting to deal with personal issues.

Rita Dominic is a multiple award-winning Nollywood actress, producer, model, television personality, investor, a philanthropist and co-founder of the Audrey Silva Company. She has been regarded as one of the best industrious actresses in Nollywood and also one of the highest-paid actresses in Nigeria. But decided to let go all the privileges she had while in the industry for passion, something which most aspirants, slay queens and influencers may find difficult to pursue just for fame.

Cameroonian slay queens are not different from others influencers from other countries as they a
re known for their luxurious lifestyle and the extent they can go just to impress people.

A ‘slay queen’ does their best to portray the perfect life. She will even fake her lifestyle. Her aim is to appear irresistible to men. She wears heavy make-up, perfectly done hair, and wares the latest outfits. She often takes pictures, edits them to remove any bodily flaws, and uploads perfect images on social media.

However, most of them often under go awful situation just to maintain their status and live the dream life, act as a stimulant to those who look up to them as role model.

In 2022, a videos emerged on TikTok about a concept known as ‘Porta potty’ rumoured to be real for years in which influencers are being paid to fly out to Dubai in order to be pooped on (or in) for cash, get expensive gifts, and experience extravagant hotel stays for free.

Regardless, Rita Dominic’s testimony not only reveals the exciting world of Nollywood but also serves as an inspiration to those who think they have made the wrong
decision in their lives or chosen the wrong careers that they can summon the challenges and find purpose in unexpected places.

Source: Cameroon News Agency