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Road Master Ghana organises road safety workshop

Road Master Ghana, an NGO championing road safety, has organised a workshop for drivers and motor riders in the Tema Metropolitan Assembly on how to conduct themselves when driving on the roads.

In an interview with Ghana News Agency at Tema on the sidelines of the training, Mr Richard Timinka, a member of Road Master Ghana, said the team was made up of young professionals working together to educate the public on road safety.

He stated that there were a lot of deaths resulting from road accidents, hence the formation of Road Master Ghana, the organisation of the workshop and kenkey party for the drivers and motor riders to educate them on the essence of road safety.

Mr Timinka said the presence of the Police Motor Transport and Traffic Department (MTTD) on the roads helped to ensure road safety and reduce road accidents.

He cautioned drivers and motorcyclists to exhibit love among themselves to prevent overtaking, overspeeding, and jumping red lights, which may lead to injuries or death.

‘This programm
e would be organised more often to educate all road users,’ he said.

Nana Yaa Ampofowa Debrah II, the Larteh Kubease Obaahemaa (Queen mother), advised drivers and motorcyclists to adhere to traffic regulations, cautioning them to avoid overspeeding.

She appealed to the government to pay attention to the bad roads and cautioned drivers to slow down when they come across potholes.

She urged drivers to be careful on the roads and to avoid drinking alcohol while driving.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Paul Bruce Amoah of the Tema Regional MTTD highlighted the importance of road safety in driving, hence the partnership between the MTTD, Diver Vehicle Licensing Authority DVLA, Road Safety Commission, and Road Master Ghana, for the pre-Christmas road safety campaign.

He emphasised that the campaign seeks to prevent road accidents during and after Christmas, saying ‘The availability of the police on the roads is to ensure safety.’

Again, to prevent road accidents, drivers and motorcyclists should abide by the
driving rules and regulations provided by the government.

He further explained that the rules and regulations for drivers, when violated, would involve police punishment, and these include drunk driving, speeding, wrongful overtaking and driving under the influence of illicit, among others, were forbidden under the law.

He stated that about 95 per cent of all road accidents involved human error, based on road safety analysis, due to the carelessness of drivers.

He stressed that drivers should drive safely in order to record an accident-free Christmas and urged them to put road safety education into practice to reduce road accidents.

Mohammed Tijani, the National Okada Chairman, acknowledged the organisers for imparting to them the essence of road safety and cautioned his fellow motorcyclists and drivers to drive carefully on the roads.

He urged them all to adhere to the instructions of the traffic lights, and motorcyclists should also concentrate when riding with their helmets on.

Source: Ghana News A