South west region must rise up- Senator Mbella Moki

The Senator made the declaration during a ceremony to honor five Delegates who were killed by separatists in June 2021.

Their bodies were exhumed in August, two years after their burial in unmarked grave.

The Delegates were in a tour before they were ambushed by members of the Expendables 100 armed group.

a service in their honor was organised at the Limbe Centenary stadium.

Speaking to reporters, Senator Mbella Moki said South westerners have suffered huge human damages in the ongoing armed conflict in Anglophone regions.

“Every day we have to bury our people, its only in the South West that when they catch (kidnap) people, the people do not come back alive. We have seen chiefs, school children, DO of Batibo…they killed him. We are speaking to the South West, saying it has to end, when we want to speak, they call it hate speech. So South westerners do not need to cry, or call evil by its name again? It should stop! It should stop. Our bushes have been seized, our farmlands, our homes, our communities have been invaded. If you want to call the people that are conducting all of that, they say it is hate speech.”

Source: Cameroon News Agency