GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — On December 21, 2022, GAC MOTOR UAE hosted the brand’s first official launch ceremony for the EMPOW, a unique, sporty sedan that represents a bold new era for the Chinese auto maker.

Setting on an ambitious path to build a world-class brand, GAC MOTOR has been continuously rolling out proven performers equipped with cutting-edge technology across the continents. EMPOW is now the latest model to be added to the GAC MOTOR’s overseas lineup.

The launch event featured a select crowd of automobile industry media and online influencers, who were given exclusive pre-release access to the car inside the F1 track at YAS Marina, near the Abu Dhabi showroom.

Introducing the EMPOW: A Unique, Sporty Sedan

EMPOW’s exterior is bold and original, featuring futuristic lines and a sleek, muscle car-esque silhouette.

Design details like the oversized front grille, beautiful 18-inch alloys and quad exhausts at the rear give the car a distinctly sporty appearance, reiterated by a pleasantly loud engine roar that can be heard from the driver’s seat.

The sporty design is continued on the interior, with bright supercar-style colored leather panels and carbon fiber materials. Integrated twin smart touchscreens provide a futuristic, ergonomic cabin experience.

Under the hood, the EMPOW has a 1.5L turbopower engine that utilizes GAC MOTOR’s in-house developed MegaWave technology. It does 0-100 km/hr in 6.95 seconds, with a 7-speed DCT transmission and 270 Nm of torque.

A Bold New Era

The EMPOW represents a bold new era for GAC MOTOR: an era of far greater confidence in its brand identity, international strategy and in-house technology.

GAC MOTOR raced the EMPOW in the world-famous supercar attraction in Dubai, the Gumball Rally 3000. This was the first time a Chinese automobile brand has ever participated in this prestigious racing event.

With its dynamic design and performance-enhancing features, the EMPOW will allow Middle Eastern buyers to recognize GAC MOTOR’s continued commitment to the spirit of Chinese craftsmanship. The brand will continue to roll out new models that demonstrate quality and innovation to the Middle East market in 2023.

“UAE is one of GAC MOTOR’s most important markets in Middle East,” said Zeng Hebin, General Manager of GAC MOTOR. “I firmly believe that Empow will continue to break through in the UAE, achieve another great success and create a better life of mobility for our consumers.”

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