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Student leaders of Senior High Schools in Ho receive training

Student leaders of some Senior High Schools (SHS) in Ho are undergoing training to enhance their role in school management.

The programme is a joint initiative of the Volta Regional Coordinating Council, Association of Ghana Industries (AGI), and the Ghana Education Service and formed part of the 6th Volta Trade and Investment Fair.

It is being held on the theme: ‘Empowering the Next Generation of Ghana’s Young Leaders for Sustainable Development,’ and brought together various prefects and student heads from institutions such as OLA, Mawuli, and Mawuko SHS.

The day-long workshop has a broader aim of building a future generation of leaders.

Mr Dela Gbeve, the Treasurer for AGI in charge of the Eastern Volta and Oti Regions, said participants were being prepared to play key roles in the growth and development of the Region.

‘As part of our general plan to promote the Volta Region for investment, we are looking at training the younger generation in the tourism and trade potential of the area.

‘In an effort
, to imbibe good citizenship in them as they grow and encouraging them to invest in the region, taste their local products and help promote the overall regional Visit Volta programme,’ he said.

Mr Gbeve said aside from these, the students were also educated on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which were crucial to the nation’s economic development.

He said a communique would be issued to the President of the Republic and advocated for the programme to be replicated across other Regions.

Mr Bismark Tay, a leadership expert, who led the presentations, said the initiative would make a difference in schools and in the larger communities, and effectively ensure the achievement and sustenance of the SDGs target.

He said it was an ‘extremely important’ programme that should be expanded throughout the Region and the country at large.

He told the Ghana News Agency in an interview that there was a need to consciously invest time, energy, and resources into making the expansion of the programme to other are
as possible.

Mr Tay guided the young academic leaders to create clear goals and visions to be able to give meaning to leadership, encouraging them to build a wealth of influence by imbibing good character, competence, and credibility.

Student leaders were advised to build and work with teams and to consider servant leadership the best model.

‘You must use teams. You cannot do it alone – schools are too big for you to run alone. Lead by example. Leadership is 99 per cent who you are and one per cent what you know,’ he said.

Madam Bless Afetorgbor Attricki of the Regional Education Directorate said the programme would indeed affect school progress as it aimed at ensuring effective leadership by positioning students to better support the management of their respective institutions.

The office of the Regional Economic Planning Officer led the students to enhance their knowledge of the SDGs, while group activities among others formed part of the workshop.

The student leaders were also taught about local cult
ure and would later be taken on a tour of tourist sites and attractions in the Region.

Source: Ghana News Agency