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Students advised to shun intake of hard drugs, to prevent terminal diseases

Mr Moru Sulemana, the Headmaster of Ahamansu Islamic Senior High School (AHISEC), has advised students to shun the intake of hard drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and others to avoid terminal diseases.

He said such drugs affect the brain and could lead to health issues such as kidney failure and heart problems.

The AHISEC Headmaster said smoking marijuana could affects their memory and cognitive function and cause harmful cardiovascular effects, such as high blood pressure.

Mr Moru gave this advice at a sensitisation programme on effects of terrorism, organised by the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) for the students of AHISEC at Ahamansu in the Kadjebi District of the Oti Region.

He said most of the youths that terrorists’ recruits for terrorism often dabbles in hard drugs making them ‘high’ and do things that they could not do if not under the influence of drugs.

The headmaster said drugs only aggravate problems rather than solving them, so the youth should stay away from it.

‘Hard drug
s will jeopardise your future, so desist from it, ‘he said.

Ms Hagar Ampah, a Principal Civic Education Officer with the NCCE, said hard drug intake could affect them during old age if not now.

She advised them to beware of things they shared on social media since it was a fertile group for extremist recruiters.

Ms. Ampah said young adults were target to extremist recruiters due to their susceptibility to influence, search for identity and desire for belonging, so they should be careful not to be lured into joining extremist groups.

‘Be observant and report suspicious characters to lawful agencies for prompt action,’ she appealed.

Source: Ghana News Agency