Sunyani Forest Services Division starts seedling distribution towards Green Ghana day 

The Forest Services Division, Sunyani has commenced the distribution of seedlings to stakeholders in preparation for the Green Ghana project scheduled for?June 7th, 2024.

It has?targeted the distribution of?400,000 seedlings for this year’s planting initiative, which is on the theme, ”Growing for a Greener Tomorrow’.

This initiative aims to promote environmental sustainability and increase greenery within the country.?

During a media briefing following an inspection of nursery sites at Nsoatre, Atronie and Sunyani in the Sunyani West and East Municipalities, Mr. Francis Brobbey, the District Manager, emphasized that they were fully prepared for this year’s Green Ghana Day.?

He said the office?had successfully raised 260,000 seedlings?ready for distribution but?was still waiting for other stakeholders?who?have been?contributing?to?the additional seedlings?to reach the district’s goal of 400,000 seedlings.?

He expressed optimism that the Sunyani District would surpass their target, just as they did in th
e 2023 exercise.?

Mr. Brobbey stated that?a variety of tree seedlings, including teak, mahogany, malania, cassia and ceiba have been?raised, adding that the seedlings were carefully nurtured for the purpose of reforestation and environmental restoration.

?He expressed the office’s?dedication to environmental sustainability and forest conservation, emphasizing the Division’s commitment to ensuring the success of such an important initiative and anticipated collaborating with their partners to achieving their shared goals.

Source: Ghana News Agency