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Sunyani West NPP Primary: delegates to decide on Frimpomaa, Mubarik and Baffour-Awuah

All eyes are gazing at Amma Frimpomaa and Mr Mubarik Abdullah Ciessey, as they strategize to unseat the incumbent Member of Parliament, Mr Ignatius Baffour Awuah, in the upcoming New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary primaries in the Sunyani West constituency.

The sitting MP also the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, has represented and occupied the constituency seat, one of the traditional seats of the NPP, for the past 16 years.

The NPP leadership has set Saturday January 27, 2024, for the party to conduct constituency primaries to elect the Election 2024 Parliamentary Candidates.

Already the party has conducted and elected its PC for the orphan constituencies. As the political campaigns gathered momentum in the constituency, the electorate and the masses had shown interest, and thereby questioned the ability of the two parliamentary aspirants to unseat the incumbent MP.

Checks show the Employment and Labour Relations Minister was deeply on the grounds with the NPP delegates, however, the
appearances of the Lawyer Frimpomaa and Mubarik, affectionately called, have accordingly injected a fresh wave of excitement in the political space of the Sunyani West constituency.

In fact, both aspirants possess unique qualities and experiences that made them formidable to make some impacts in the primaries.


As a native of Odomase, the constituency capital, Lawyer Frimpomaa, is the Managing Director of the State Insurance Company (SIC) Life Savings and Loans, and with her solid background in law, bringing on board a wealth of expertise.

Her charismatic personality, strong grassroots connections and excellent communication skills paved the way for her to rally a diverse group of NPP supporters and delegates to her side.

Lawyer Frimpomaa’s unwavering commitment and passion for development has indeed garnered and enhanced her support base in the constituency.

Additionally, her desire for youth empowerment positions her to easily reach out to the delegates. Her achievements Even before her inten
tion to join the race, Lawyer Frimpomaa told the Ghana News Agency

(GNA) she had been supporting the organisation of mock examinations for candidates of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) in the constituency for some years now.

She said she had also provided scholarships to a number of tertiary students in the constituency, saying recently, she provided similar scholarships to 97 students in the area.

Frimpomaa said she believed firmly that investing in the education of young people remained crucial towards fostering a brighter future for them.

‘No not all individuals aspire to pursue traditional academic paths and that is why I have established a support system for those interested in farming, dressmaking, carpentry, and other vocational jobs’.

‘With my growing support base, I am optimistic not only to win the primaries, but to also maintain the constituency seat in the Election 2024’, Lawyer Frmpomaa indicated.


With his background in finance and consultancy, Mubarik, a native
of Fiapre in the constituency said he believes and is well convinced that his popularity in the area would earn him victory in the NPP constituency primaries.

His passion for development and determination for change have connected him to the delegates, and thereby making him a relatable personality in the constituency.

Mubarik’s is now a force to reckon with in the constituency because of his zeal and commitment to bring progress and development to the area.

He has the conviction that voting for him signifies a sense of loyalty because of his dedication and contribution to the growth of the NPP in the constituency.

His achievements

Mubarik said his strong political background in the NPP since 1996 has accordingly strengthened his support base in the constituency.

According to him, the late Jake Otanka Obetsebi-Lamptey, a former National Chairman of the NPP recognised and honoured his personal contributions that led the NPP to political power in the Election 2000.

As his motto goes ‘Party People and Con
stituents First,’ Mubarik said his intention to contest the race was in the supreme interest of the NPP in the constituency and the nation by extension.

‘The NPP is gradually losing its popularity in the constituency, and we must take urgent steps to salvage the party,’ he stated.


As a native of Nsoatre in the constituency and a veteran politician, Mr Baffour-Awuah, has also gained the trust and confidence of many of the NPP delegates.

In fact, his wealth of political experiences tailored with his proven track records has thereby made him a strong pillar, difficult to unseat in the constituency.

Checks reveal his parliamentary journey began in 2008, after he contested and successfully won the constituency parliamentary seat for the NPP with an impressive 61 percent votes. Prior to that, Mr Baffour-Awuah served as the Sunyani District Chief Executive and later elevated to a Deputy Regional Minister in the then Brong-Ahafo region under former President John Agyekum Kufuor’s government.

branded as one of the luckiest politicians in the region, the former President Kufuor’s administration elevated him to a substantive Regional Minister.

His influence in the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s government and hard work has enhanced his popularity and solidified his reputation in the constituency.

His political achievements

In his second term, though his parliamentary votes declined to 50 percent, Mr Baffour-Awuah was able to lead the NPP to win the Election 2012.

By dint of challenging work, he did not only maintain the constituency seat in his third term, but also widened the voting margin, securing 62 percent in the 2016 Election.

The 2020 general election was however tough for the MP as he managed to secure 47.2 percent of the parliamentary votes to maintain the parliamentary seat for the NPP.

Way forward

As the NPP primary to elect a PC approached, the three aspirants have also laced their boots reaching out and canvassing votes from the delegates.

More than 1,000 NPP delegates
in the constituency are expected to cast their ballots in the primary, however delegates were left to make a better choice if the party desires to maintain the Sunyani West constituency seat for the fourth consecutive time.

In fact, the political lens is spotted in the Sunyani West constituency, and the big question pundits are asking is whether the party in the constituency needs a new face to maintain or secure the parliamentary seat or not.

Among the three, who are the delegates opting for, an experienced or fresh mind, left to delegates to decide.

Source: Ghana News Agency