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Suspected serial rapist, Bopda on verge of release?

Tractations are reportedly underway for the potential release of Hervé Bopda, a 40-year-old Cameroonian implicated in a sexual assault case. One of the reasons cited is the absence of some alleged victims during confrontations. During a hearing, the accused admitted to possessing a firearm but insisted it was a ‘toy’.

A fourth test conducted on Hervé Bopda at the Pasteur Center indicates that he is not HIV positive. This development comes ahead of his appearance before the judge at the Douala High Court on Wednesday, February 28, 2024.

Bopda, who has been in the spotlight since January 2024 due to a disturbing sexual assault case, is set to face the scrutiny of the judicial system. Sources close to the case reveal that the latest test result at the Pasteur Center contradicts previous claims suggesting he transmitted HIV to multiple individuals.

Previously, amidst allegations of HIV transmission by some supposed victims, Bopda provided three negative test results. These tests were conducted at a private cli
nic, a military hospital, and Laquintinie Hospital while he was in custody. However, his defense has contested the validity of these results, leading to ongoing negotiations for his potential release.

The case has garnered significant attention, particularly on social media platforms, where rumors circulated regarding Bopda’s alleged actions. Despite the negative test results, questions remain about the credibility of the accusations and the validity of the evidence presented.

In January, social media platforms were inundated with testimonies exposing the nefarious activities of a wealthy individual purportedly connected to numerous Cameroonian government authorities.

According to these testimonies, Hervé Bopda specializes in luring hundreds of men and women to upscale restaurants and apartments, coercing them into engaging in unprotected sexual activities.

Bopda was alleged to operate with the assistance of several Cameroonian influencers and artists, some of whom were identified by Cameroon’s renowned w
histleblower, Nzui Manto.

Several Cameroonian personalities following the said testimonies used the social media to urge the government not to remain silent on the critical issue. Among them, Member of Parliament Nourane Foster condemned the actions on her official Facebook page, calling on competent authorities to address the matter and provide assistance to the victims.

All victims of the serial rapist were equally urged to file complaints that will allow barristers to gather sufficient evidence against Hervé Bopda. About four of these complaints were deposited, prompting the arrest of the suspected rapist a few days later.

As Bopda awaits his day in court, the outcome of the ongoing negotiations for his release remains uncertain. The case underscores the complexities of addressing allegations of sexual assault and the importance of thorough investigations to ensure justice for all parties involved.

Source: Cameroon News Agency