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SWAG calls?for improvement in addressing socio-economic?issues.

The Social Workers Association of Ghana (SWAG) has called on the government and stakeholders to improve the addressing of socio-economic issues affecting the vulnerable in the country.

The Association, in a statement signed by its executives, called on all stakeholders to prioritise issues of vulnerability, poverty, and exclusion.

The statement is in solidarity with the World Social Workers Day celebration, which is commemorated annually globally on March 19, with this year’s theme being UEN VIVIR (shared future for transformative change).

It stated that such issues included increased support from the Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Protection, and collaboration with the private sector in addressing socio-economic issues.

SWAG further urged private entities, civil society organisations, and corporate bodies to integrate social workers into the delivery of their social services across Ghana.

While commending the government for passing the Social Work Bill, the association called for the implement
ation of social protection programmes to support the vulnerable and marginalised.

Touching on the World Social Workday celebration, he said it was a significant occasion for professionals in the field to reflect on achievements, challenges, and the way forward.

It noted that the theme emphasizes the need for innovative?community-led strategies for a sustainable future.

It stated that Ghana, as part of this global celebration, has adopted the theme ‘Professionalism?of Social Work Practice, A Shared Future for Ghana’s Transformative Change.’

This, the statement noted focuses?on fostering understanding, wisdom, and harmonious coexistence with nature, while addressing socio-economic challenges.

Source: Ghana News Agency