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Sweet Home Hotel committed to boosting Ghana’s hospitality and tourism experiences

A newly constructed hotel facility, Sweet Home Hotel, located in Gbawe Bulemin, Greater Accra Region, has been unveiled with the primary goal of boosting Ghana’s tourism industry and creating employment opportunities for the youth.

At the launch of its operations, Mr Alexander Owusu-Fordjour, the Managing Director of Sweet Home Hotel, said the facility was more than just a lodging establishment.

He said it was in line with the country’s agenda of promoting sustainable tourism that includes cultural, heritage, recreational, adventure and event tourism. Mr Owusu-Fordjour described the facility as a symbol of luxury, sophistication, and outstanding hospitality intended to draw in visitors from both local and international quarters, to boost Ghana’s tourism sector which recorded more than 900,000 visitors yearly before COVID-19.

Again, the establishment was aiming at making significant contributions to the country’s hospitality industry, which would enhance its tourism experiences.

He said the company was com
mitted to delivering quality services and pursuing sustainable practices that would inspire other businesses to follow suit.

By recruiting workers from nearby areas and using products and services from local businesses, the hotel aims to stimulate demand for economic growth, he said.

Mr Owusu-Fordjour indicated that the hotel was eager to share its story with people from various cultures who appreciate the country’s hospitality industry.

‘We value the opportunity to share this milestone with individuals who appreciate and understand the significance of excellence in the hospitality industry.

He said the was the need to make efforts to support local communities, promote sustainable tourism practices, participate in conservation efforts, and implement eco-friendly initiatives to minimise negative impacts on the environment.

Ghana’s hospitality industry has the potential to accelerate the country’s economic growth and generate employment opportunities.

Hotels and restaurants contributed around GH?3.9b (US$
640b) to the country’s Gross Domestic Product in 2021, according to the 2022 Ghana Recreation and Tourism Sector Report.

Source: Ghana News Agency