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The baobab tree can be a foreign exchange earner for Ghana – Prof. Egbadzor

Accra: Professor Kenneth Egbadzor, Head of the Agriculture Science Department of Ho Technical University, at the weekend disclosed that the baobab tree that grows in the wild has several uses but is being underutilized.

He said the tree whose scientific name is ‘Adansonia’, has over 300 uses, adding, ‘every part of the tree from the root to the leaves are useful.’

Scientifically the tree could take only three years to mature, he said, adding that, the baobab tree could be another foreign exchange earner for the country, if proper attention was given to its nurturing.

Prof. Egbadzor disclosed this to the Ghana News Agency in an interview on the sidelines of the 40th anniversary celebration of the enstoolment of Togbe Dzegblade IV at Adaklu Kodzobi.

He mentioned some of the uses such as food, medicine and cosmetics, saying, the fruit is rich in chemical compounds, vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

‘It is a good source of many important minerals and vitamins,’ he said.

Prof. Egbadzor said the health benefi
ts of the tree were enormous and its oil important.

He disclosed that the Agriculture Science Department of HTU was carrying out research into more of its uses and its domestication.

Prof. Egbadzor expressed the hope that upon the completion of the research, the patronage of the baobab tree would rise and thereby, serve as a good foreign exchange earner for the country.

Source: Ghana News Agency