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The Hunger Project Ghana urges women empowerment for a hunger-free world

On occasion of this year’s International Women’s Day, which is observed annually on March 8th, The Hunger Project Ghana (THP-Ghana), has advocated for women empowerment for a hunger-free world.

A statement issued by THP-Ghana, copied to the Ghana News Agency said the THP, an International non-governmental organisation headquartered in New York, United States, with its roots stretching across Africa, Asia and Latin America stands as a beacon of hope in the fight against hunger and poverty.

It said since 1996, THP had been active in Ghana focusing on building community capacity towards sustainable hunger and poverty eradication through self-reliance for productive and healthy living.

‘At the heart of THP’s vision is a world without hunger, and its mission is to address the underlying systems of inequity that perpetuate hunger and poverty,’ it stated.

‘Through strategic pillars such as community mobilisation, women’s empowerment, and collaboration with government agencies, THP has been instrumental in transf
orming the lives of many.’

The statement said central to THP-Ghana’s effort is the Women Empowerment and Development Programme, which has garnered significant attention for its role in poverty reduction.

It said as the world celebrates International Women’s Day on the theme ‘Count Her in: Accelerating Gender Equality Through Economic Empowerment,’ THP-Ghana reflects on its efforts in empowering women over the years.

It reiterated that the impact of THP-Ghana extends across the socioeconomic landscape of women and young girls, offering opportunities for both educated and uneducated individuals.

It said through leadership and skills training, THP engages unemployed women, providing them with vocational education in fields such as sewing, catering and other expertise to enable sustainable livelihoods.

The statement said one shining example was Madam Hellen Agbodzi, a 43-year-old entrepreneur from Kpando Fesi.

It said starting with just two bowls of soya beans costing 2.00 cedis in 2013, Madam Agbodzi ventu
red into the soya kebab business, gradually expanding her enterprise with the support of THP.

It said through access to financial assistance and mentorship, she diversified her business, ventured into peanut butter processing, and even expanded into selling groceries.

Adding that today, Madam Agbodzi not only supports her family but also contributes to her community’s economic growth.

It said Madam Agbodzi’s journey from starting as a small soya kebab business to becoming a successful entrepreneur is a testament to the impact from the leadership and skills training provided by THP-Ghana.

The statement said similarly, Madam Catherine Aban from Asafora village exemplifies the transformative power of THP’s vocational training.

It said despite facing financial challenges, that halted her education, Madam Aban pursued her passion for dressmaking, thanks to the vocational training provided by THP-Ghana.

It said with guidance from THP-Ghana’s Her Choice Project, she honed her skills and eventually established
her own fashion center.

It said today, she not only runs her own fashion business but also mentors other aspiring young girls, embodying the spirit of paying it forward.

The statement said then there was Madam Vida Quarshie, a 32-year-old mother of two who found renewed hope through THP’s intervention.

It noted that initially working alone as a dressmaker, Madam Quarshie’s income was modest.

It said however, after participating in THP events, she gained confidence in her ability and started training young girls in her community, significantly boosting her income, and investing in other ventures like mango farming.

The statement reiterated that her journey from a struggling dressmaker to a successful businesswoman reflects the tangible outcomes of THP-Ghana’s interventions.

It said through training and support, Madam Quarshie has significantly increased her income, invested in her children’s education, and continues to aspire for further growth.

It said additionally, women like Madam Elizabeth Nuamah an
d Madam Vida Ofosaa had embraced THP’s programmes, leveraging them to expand their businesses and support their families.

It said through soap making, textile design and other skills acquired with THP’s support, these women had not only achieved financial independence but had also become leaders and mentors in their community.

The statement said Madam Vida Ofosaa had not only transformed her own life, but she had also become a catalyst for change within her community.

It said Madam Elizabeth Nuamah’s narrative on the other hand epitomizes resilience and ambition.

It said from acquiring skills in soap making to becoming an entrepreneur; adding that these stories underscore the ripple effect of women’s economic empowerment and the transformative impact of THP-Ghana’s programs on individual lives and communities.

‘As we (THP-Ghana) commemorate International Women’s Day, we reaffirm our commitment to empowering women and advancing gender equality.’

The statement said by celebrating the achievements of women
and continuing to advocate for their rights, THP-Ghana strives to create a world where every woman could thrive and succeed.

Source: Ghana News Agency