Two books explore issues of gender relations, gender equality and womanhood

Two books: SHE and WOMAN, which explored the issues of gender relations, gender equality, womanhood, and human dignity, have been launched in Accra.

The author, through thorough research into the Genesis narrative of the Bible, asserts that the female human was created for equal value and worth as the male.

The Author, Mr Kwaku Edem Damanka, said the books are valuable resources for women, girls, parents, spouses, and anyone, who wants to learn more about these topics.

‘My vision through the books SHE and WOMAN is to see an equal world, where women and men wholly and equally lead in public affairs, church and in the marketplace alongside each other as they both wholly and equally lead in our homes for family, community and national transformation,’ he added.

He said it was his prayer that those who read would find their visions and voice.

‘As you read, I pray that you find courage and strength to create healthy and safe spaces for all human beings to fulfil their potential and God-given purpose,’ he sai

While using the story of the five daughters of Zelophehad as examples of community leadership, the author reiterated that the creator was never offended by the attempts to seek justice and righteousness through activism and advocacy.

The author believes that through research and openness to the leading of the Creator, we would find faith that is authentic and meaningful.

Asked about his experience and journey in writing these books, Mr Damanka said with a breath of hope, ‘When I stand before the Lord someday, I want to be able to say, Lord, I tried. I hope these bring glory to His name by amplifying the potential and purpose of humanity, especially women’.

Professor Mercy Amba Oduyoye, the First African Woman Theologian, Educator and Poet, who foreworded the book, WOMAN said, ‘The book takes a focused approach, and the author’s ability to delve into the multiple layers of the Genesis narrative was truly captivating.’

She revealed that rather than simply reciting existing beliefs, the author guided rea
ders towards nuanced interpretations, which underpinned the core themes of the book.

She added, ‘Through its thought-provoking pages, WOMAN invites us to re-examine our long-held beliefs, assumptions, and prejudices, and to consider God’s intention.’

Prof. Oduyoye said the book stimulates contemplation about God’s purpose for humanity, particularly women, womanhood, human dignity, marriage, and its origins.

Dr Angela Dwamena-Aboagye, Christian Lawyer, Theologian and Counsellor, who also provided the foreword to the second book SHE, said, ‘SHE explored the complex issues emanating from the relations between males and females, and the place of the woman in society, from a fresh perspective that is informed by research, nuance, and illumination.

She said the author’s critical, provocative, and spiritually awakening writing called for a shift in belief, challenging readers to unlearn unhealthy narratives about women that are often attributed to the Bible.

‘Ultimately, this book aims to liberate people to ful
ly realise their human potential and to create healthy space for all persons to fulfil their God-given Purpose,’ she said.

To her, many Christians who have grappled with trying to understand issues of equality, complementarity, hierarchy, and subordination in relations between men and women,

husbands, and wives, may well find answers from this book that decisively settle their questions.

Some of the reviewers and attendees to the launch shared their comments:

‘This is a necessary body of work. It is timely and it is bold, and this is thought leadership at its best. The subject matter is not an easy one to attempt because feminism to some Christians is a bad word. This book should lead to discussions and then lead to a change of mindset and attitude,’ Madam Petra Aba Asamoah, a Writer.

Madam Susan Simpson, Brands Strategist added that ‘The book SHE was raw, critical, provocative, and spiritually awakening to the important discourse on gender relations through God’s word, targeted at building synergy in ho
w we ascribe value to each other. I love this book.’

Dr Louise Carol Serwaa Donkor said, ‘The book SHE is thorough and groundbreaking, and it does not appear to be a popular misconception on gender relations that has been left untouched and it is thought leadership; bold, audacious.’

‘SHE is edifying and that is a testament to the work of the Spirit and good research. Pay good attention while reading, you may be navigating some form of depth,’ she added.

Source: Ghana News Agency