U.S. Embassy opens new American Corner secretariat in Kumasi

Madam Virginia Palmer, United States (US) Ambassador to Ghana, has joined local officials in Kumasi, Ashanti Region, to open a new American Corner secretariat in the region.

The American Corner Kumasi will be a cultural and information center that provides free and open access for young Ghanaians to learn more about the United States, attend free educational programming, develop new skills, and access a wide range of resources.

‘Kumasi is home to important universities, businesses, and leaders, all deepening ties… and strengthening their bonds with the people of the United States.

‘This new American Corner will help provide the resources and knowledge needed to be successful in those endeavors,’ Madam Palmer said at the opening.

The Corner will host programmes and information sessions for Ghanaian students seeking information about educational opportunities in the United States through the EducationUSA programme.

The American Corner will be opened from Monday to Friday, 0830 hours to 1400 hours , as wel
l as be opened for special events.

As part of the opening of the American Corner, a team from the U.S. Embassy hosted the American Spaces ‘roadshow’ – a two-day of entrepreneurship and education-focused events.

Visitors had the opportunity to explore and share ideas, access information, and participate in activities that develop professional skills or provide educational opportunities.

American Spaces offer modern and welcoming environments equipped with advanced technologies, high-speed internet access, helpful staff, and innovative programming.

American Spaces also provide communities overseas an opportunity to meet and engage U.S. citizens in person or virtually to learn more about American culture, education, and more.

Last year, the American Center and American Corner in Accra hosted more than 30,000 participants in online, hybrid, and in-person programmes focused on developing 21 st century work skills, STEM learning, entrepreneurship, education, and media literacy.

Source: Ghana News Agency